Johns Hopkins Engineering
IGERT: Modeling Complex Systems

Johns Hopkins University

Program Objective

Every member of society is affected by decisions or predictions based on computational simulations of critical processes, such as energy production, environmental protection, and infrastructural integrity.  The research conducted through this MCS IGERT will address these important problems directly, by providing new modeling paradigms and techniques through science-based coupling of models and parameterizations. The education plan will train a cadre of Ph.D. students who will be able to lead the application of these techniques in industry, academia and national laboratories. To enable students to advance the area of science-based model development they will receive an education that is more holistic than that provided by traditional discipline-specific Ph.D. Programs.

MCS IGERT Trainees will receive an annual $30,000 stipend and full support for tuition, fees, and health insurance for 2-3 years, external internships, funding for conference travel, and ongoing assistance through a number of professional development and communications initiatives.