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IGERT: Modeling Complex Systems

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IGERT Associates

IGERT Associateship is available to Ph.D. students from any JHU department whose interests align with the Program.  There are no citizenship requirements for Associates; however, Associates are not eligible to receive funding from the IGERT Program. 



Yi Liu - Civil Engineering
Research Interests: Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, turbulence, water waves






Younes Nouri - Civil Engineering
Research Interests: Fluid-mud Interactions under water waves






Di Yang - Civil Engineering
Research interests: Atmospheric and Oceanic Turbulence, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Water Wave Mechanics, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Flow and Structure Interaction




Rozita Jalali Farahani - Civil Engineering
Research Interests: modeling waves by a particle method called smoothed particle hydrodynamics (a numerical method); other researches in the field of fluid dynamics and coastal engineering


Ting GE - Physics & Astronomy
Research Interests: condensed matter physics; molecular simulation on mechanical properties of glassy polymer




Guangli Hu- Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: dynamic behavior of brittle materials




Emily Huskins - Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: dynamic and high temperature of nanocrystalline metals; deformation and strengthening mechanisms





Zhanjie Li - Civil Engineering
Research Interests: modeling cold-formed steel; decomposition and identification of buckling modes







Khatoon Melick- Civil Engineering
Research Interests: coastal and ocean engineering; laboratory methods; environmental fluid mechanics; hydraulics; groundwater hydraulics and contaminant transport; water and waste water treatment processes





Cyril Williams - Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: spall fracture; dynamic failure processes; shock physics





Lisa Winter - Civil Engineering
Research Interests: coasting engineering; water wave seiching in rectangular tanks





Rongguang Xu - Physics & MSE
Research Interests: molecular dynamics; intermediate phase formation in the mixing of multi-layers