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IGERT: Modeling Complex Systems

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IGERT Trainees

Trainees are accepted to the IGERT Program from a competitive pool of applicants from Ph.D. programs in participating departments. Trainees must be U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

With acceptance to the IGERT Program there are a number of expectations that have been designed to increase the quality of the pre-doctoral experience.




Joel Clemmer - Physics & Astronomy




Joel Bretheim - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Grove City College - Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: : turbulence, computational fluid dynamics (e.g., large eddy simulation), reduced-order modeling (2D/3C), alternative and renewable energies (e.g., wind energy)


Courtney Engle - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Yale University - Mechanical Engineering, ABET
Research Interests: Turbulence, experimental fluid dynamics, and atmospheric & oceanographic flows


Luis "Tony" Martinez - Mechanical Engineering
Institution/Major: Universityof Puerto Rico - Mechanical Engineering, 2010; Masters - 2012
Research Interests: Wind Turbines, wind farm flows, and computational fluid dynamics


Thomas O'Connor - Physics and Astronomy
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Physics
Research Interests: Far-from-equilibrium physics, emergent order in complex systems, materials under extreme conditions, modeling materials at multiple scales


Saranthip Rattanaserikiat - Civil Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: University of Massachussetts, Amherst - Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: Deployable Structures, Structural Optimization, Topology Optimization, Structural Engineering


Jane Schwab - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: University of New Haven - Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence, Flow models of moving crafts


Darius Williams - Materials Sciences & Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: University of Texat at Austin - Aerospace Engineering; French
Research Interests: Computational materials science, non-equilibrium materials, mechanical properties of amorphous materials



Adam Hinkle - Materials Sciences & Engineering
Undergraduate & Grad Institutions/Majors: Marquette University - Physics; Cornell University - Engineering Mechanics
Research Interests: Theoretical and computational materials science. Shear Transformation Zone theory. Continuum physics of the deformation of amorphous solids. Constitutive law modeling. Mechanical properties and behavior of metalic glasses at the nanoscale


Adam Sierakowski - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Johns Hopkins University, Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Computational fluid/structure interaction, GPU-accelerated computing


Justin Winokur - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: Carnegie Mellon University, Physics
Research Interests: Parametric uncertainty quantification in ocean global circulation models. Specifically, using non-intrusive methods on a computationally expensive model as efficiently as possible



Alexander Fuller - Earth & Planetary Sciences
Undergraduate Institution(s)/Major(s): Princeton University, Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Ocean modeling; nonlinear dynamics and bifurcations in ocean circulation


Andrew Gaynor - Civil Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, Civil Engineering
Research Interests: Structural Dynamics, Structural Optimization, Micromechanics, and Computational Mechanics





Patrick Holvey - Materials Sciences & Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: University of Notre Dame, Chemistry
Research Interests: Generating continuous random networks for use in modeling amorphous solids, modeling amorphous solids for determination of physical and dielectric properties, leveraging highly-parallelized or multi-core enabled algorithmic techniques to solve complex computational problems


Tristan Sharp - Physics & Astronomy
Undergraduate & Grad Institution(s)/Major(s): University of CA - Los Angeles, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Harvey Mudd College, Physics
Research Interests: Understanding the microscopic origins of material properties; Out-of-equilibirum statistical mechanics; GPU cluster computing





Andrew Tonge - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution/Major: The University of Maine, Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Behavior of brittle materials at high rates.Specifically looking at developing modeling tools that can deal with the formation and growth of cracks in solid materials during high rate events







Stephen Jeffress - Earth & Planetary Sciences
Master's Institution / Major(s): University of Central Florida, Engineering Management & Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution / Major: North Carolina State University, Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: Modeling dynamic atmospheric and oceanic interactions









Hector Morales - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution / Major: Rensselaer Poly Institute, Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Modeling of turbulent boundary layers under free-
stream turbulence







Michael Spector -Materials Sciences & Engineering
Undergraduate Institution / Major(s): University of Washington - Seattle, Materials Sciences / Mathematics
Research Interests: Modeling plastic deformation, thermodynamics, and kinetics of amorphous solids.






Erin Tush - Geography and Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate Institution / Major: Yale University, Environmental Engineeing
Research Interests: estuarine processes, geomorphology, nutrient loading and sequestration, watershed modeling.






2008-2009 Trainees


Cynthia Byer - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution / Major: University of Maryland Baltimore County , Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Conducting microcompression experiments of magnesium; bridging the gap between understanding deformation at the microscopic and macroscopic levels; high -strain impact dynamics and solid mechanics




Jason Graham - Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution / Major: Louisiana St. University, Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Turbulence, computational fluid dynamics, large-scale and GPGPU distributed computing, and optimization techniques




Lillian Gorman - Earth & Planetary Sciences
Undergraduate Institution/Major: University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Planetary core formation, geophysical fluid dynamics



K. Michael Salerno - Physics & Astronomy
Undergraduate Institution / Major: Princeton University, Political Science (Political Economy)
Research Interests: Cracks, faults, fault propagation, fracture, and amorphous solids





Cynthia Zingale Katcoff - Civil Engineering
Undergraduate Institution / Major: Bucknell University, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Interests: Modeling fracture and failure of brittle material; multi-scale modeling to predict material failure